Terms, Conditions, and Policies

Welcome to the Terms, Conditions, and Policies for Simple Touch Website Design. These Terms,  
Conditions, and Policies are subject to change without notice so please familiarize yourself with the 
content found below, and; check it regularly for updates.

Part 1: Overview
Simple Touch Website Design withholds the rights to all maintenance, hosting, and domains purchased for each Website created. By paying the Starter Kit or Additional Builder Fees, you are agreeing to purchase the Rights to Use all created information to promote your business within all rules and policies which govern Simple Touch Website Design.

Additionally, it is your responsibility to report a broken link or object upon its discovery. Having a Website which is malfunctioning reflects all of us! Simple Touch Website Design has been designed and built around the idea of supplying an amazing experience for your clients with easy to use features and a site that simple to navigate.Working together we can continue this outlook.       

All prices listed on our website as www.SimpleTouchWebsiteDesign.com are subject to 13% Ontario sales tax unless otherwise directly stated. Website Prices are based on the plans you choose, features you choose, and a general fee of $25.00 per hour for all creative writing and content (digital and physical) created.

Additionally, all fees for services such as upgrades, edits, and refacing etc. are required due upon receipt of completion of the project; unless otherwise stated. Should payments for work completed not be received within 48 hours upon your initial invoice, the client will be re-invoiced for the outstanding amount *which will include late penalty fee of $25.00*. Invoice will inform the client that payment is due immediately or the website may become suspended until the account is paid in full. Should consistent payment problems arise with a client, he/she may be required to provide retainer amounts for future edits. 

Payments are excepted by PayPal (you can also use your credit card there), E-Mail Transfers, and Cheques. Additionally, any dishonored cheques issues will be subject to $25.00 NSF Fees. 

Please Note: As of 02/01/2017 instead of phasing out payments by Cheques, all Cheques will require a surcharge of $5.00 to cover all Cheque cashing fees. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Payments are to be sent to SimpleTouchWebsiteDesign@outlook.com or can be made in person to our St. Catharines location. Subsequently, should any payment need to be collected by one of our sales staff, a collection fee of $10.00 will apply (local businesses only).

Simple Touch Website Design utilizes a Design Platform to create the Website layout matching both you and your businesses needs, however we are not affiliated in any way. Graphics, SEO’s, Creative Writing, Technical Aspects such as Verifying Websites, Maintaining, etc. is completed by Simple Touch Website Design.

However, even by merging all aspects together, a considerable amount of time is still spent in each Websites creation. Typically, a Website can take anywhere from a few days to fully complete, to a week or at times even longer depending on how in-depth and creative a client is requiring. 

Simple Touch Website Design is not responsible for any loss due to difficulties experienced by the company hosting our projects. Although there are countless satisfied customers who never experience problems, occurrences can happen.

We at Simple Touch Website Design withhold the right to cancel/shut down any clients website for breach of terms of agreement or those’s accounts which are in default. Should an account be terminated for breach or default of payment, Simple Touch Website Design is not responsible for any losses incurred by the client for this action. Furthermore, should a client become terminated, access and all rights to the domain name associated to the Website Domain Name Subscription will be revoked promptly and cancelled as well.   

Subscription Renewal Date Info:
Each year on the date your Website was initially published, you will be required to pay the Annual Domain Rental Fee of $49.99 plus tax for Domain Fees for that upcoming year.

Part 2: Uploading Content
Please only supply content which is your property, or you are licensed to haveCopyright laws and User Agreement Licenses prevent such behavior unless permission has been expressly given for the use such content commercially. Laws, Licensing, and Policies can and do differ between countries so ensure yourself and properly research content used accordingly. Additionally, content can be purchased and licensed by Simple Touch Website Design that a client can use during their contract duration if required. 

By creating the user agreement between yourself and Simple Touch Website Design, you acknowledge the above statement and understand all information provided, and; therefore agree to only submit material that is a) solely and 100% your property, or; b) you have express permission by the creator or you own the licensing rights for such material to be used commercially or in a commercial like fashion. If you do not own the material you are supplying, you will be required to supply the user agreement or express permission by the content owner which permits the use commercially or in a commercial like fashion.   

In addition to the above noted, you further understand and agree to comply will all policies within Simple Touch Website Design, and; that Simple Touch Website Design is not responsible for any losses experienced by breaking this policy. 

Furthermore, all files are scanned by our Anti-Virus software before being uploaded to the internet! Any files that are found corrupt, it will be deleted. Upon which you be contacted and required to supply an additional file for replacement.

We will not publish any material relating to or containing: Offensive Language, Racial, or Derogative Content. Additionally, we retain the right to approve or deny any content supplied. 

All content is pre-approved by Simple Touch Website Design during the Website creation process to prevent this. We do not however check for infringement as you are required to submit Specific Material Only and should Copyright or Licensing laws be found breached, or reported to us; we are required to investigate it by contacting the original owner of the material (if applicable) or the proper authorities. If laws are found breached, the website displaying such content will be closed, and; the Website owner will receive no refund for violating user agreement terms and policies. Additionally, the website owner may also be held accountable for the remainder of the contract. 

All licensing required for website content that is purchased under Simple Touch Website Design remains the sole property of Simple Touch Website Design, and the client will obtain usage rights to the content fir the duration of their contact with us.   

Part 3: Personal Responsibilities
You acknowledge that the use solely of a Website does not guarantee the success of any business venture and you understand that there are a multitude of other variables which work in conjunction for a successful business. Internet Marketing is only one aspect of MANY! Having an informative and well laid out website can however increase the likelihood of new potential customers/clients!

Part 4: Payment Plans
If you chose to use our Payment Plan Option, your complete website total will be divided up over your chosen duration of time – ( 6 or 12 months).

This amount will be added with your chosen Subscription Package level. Each month you will be required to pay this amount on the same day each time until your website fees have reached a zero balance. Following which you will only be required to pay your Monthly Subscription Package. 

Payment Plans – Late Payments:
Payments are considered late if not paid by the required date invoice or supplied to you during and/or after Website has been created. Should a payment be not received by the required invoiced date, you will be considered as late and you will be subjected to pay a $25.00 late payment fee. 

Additionally, should a client fall in default or (failed to pay the required amounts by the required invoice date) we Simple Touch Website Design withholds all rights to cancel any contracts with the client, and terminate the website promptly and without any further notice. Please note that Simple Touch Website Design is not responsible for any losses incurred due to failure of payment.    

Lastly, websites using the payment plan option may be subjected to Advertising Banners placed in different locations on the website. Banners used will be of a non-competitive nature and restricted to Footer Banners or Banners which are small in size.  

Part 5: Website Starter Kits and Subscription Packages – How everything works in Two Steps! 

First you need to purchase a Website Starter Kit by itself or you can use our Website Features area to create your own idea and expand the Website’s design. Website Starter Kits are priced at $299.99 and include a one month subscription to Package Zero ($29.99 and up each month after *depending on level of Subscription*)  

Next you need to choose a Subscription Package for Maintenance, Hosting, and Updates to match your Business or Company needs best. Once both of these areas are detailed we start designing the website. It’s that simple! 

Part 6: Designed Websites
All websites created by Simple Touch Website Design are the sole property of Simple Touch Website Design while content is stored on our server. Simple Touch Website Design withholds the rights to all maintenance for each Website created. By paying the Starter Kit or Additional Builder Fees, you are agreeing to purchase the Rights to Use the Website design to promote your business while complying with all rules and policies which govern Simple Touch Website Design. 

Part 7: Selling or Closing your Website 
Should you wish to conclude our business contract and cancel your subscription with us, all outstanding Website Builder Fees for such Website, (if any) must be paid in full.

If you are wishing to sell the website content, you may only sell written Text Content and Images you have been given license to. For any images you have not received a license for, these images cannot be sold. All other content on a website, the theme, or overall website “layout design” is created on hosted our servers and as we withhold the right to all maintenance and hosting, such design layouts cannot be physically sold however you are free to reproduce the design layout with your permitted content in any fashion you desire. 

Should the next owner of your website content wish to continue with your previous subscription plan, you must give Simple Touch Website Design a minimum of 30 days notice and supply the new owners contact information to complete the subscription transfer. Fee for a Subscription Transfer is $45.00 and must be paid upfront to any subscription changes.

Please note: for those requesting to cancel a website:
This step will delete all the Websites date from our server. Please choose to cancel your subscription carefully, as Recovery of your Website after this step is not possible. Should you not be able to continue with your monthly payments and wish to close the website please contact us directly.

Should you choose to cancel your project with us, you will be advised to copy and save all material on your website as informational back-ups for cancellations will not be supplied, prior to your cancellation date.

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to any Website being closed officially, you the client will be required to contact us directly and confirm certain information on your account before this option can be executed.

ADDITIONALLY: At least 60 days notice must be given in advance for clients who wish to cancel. Such requests can be made via; Email or contacting us personally at (289) 932 1513.

Part 8: Donations
We take $25.00 dollars from every Website Starter Kit sold and save it in our charity area! Every time we reach $1,000.00, we will choose a Charity, Cause, or Assist in some Community Effort! Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/simpletouchwebsitedesign to keep up to date with our totals or view our Donations Page for more information.

Part 9: Referral Plan
If you refer someone who purchases a Website Starter Kit, you will earn yourself a FREE month of all Payments. This bonus will include your Domain, Hosting, Maintenance, and Website Builder Fees (if applicable) for one month!

This is our way of saying thanks for spreading the word! Oh yeah, and the best part…. You pick the month! This can come in handy on a slow month 😉 

Do these Bonuses expire?
Yes. Free months awarded to a customer will expire each year upon their Subscription Renewal date! Please be sure to use these bonuses before your last month of your yearly Subscription! 

Are Bonuses Limited? How many can you earn? 
No. Every time someone purchases a Website Starter Kit and has used you as a referral, you earn yourself a free month!  It’s that’s simple. The hard part is choosing the month! 

Part 10: Audio Players
For all intents and purposes, all Audio Players are designed to add a personal touch to your website by supplying relaxing sounds, or music. You must own the rights or have express consent to use chosen material in a commercial like fashion.  

Part 11: Video Players

For all intents and purposes, all Video Players are designed to add a personal touch to your website by supplying your visitors with commercials for your business or  other such content. You must own the rights or have express consent to use any chosen material.

Part 12: SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO Tags are used in search engines to help populate search results. Each SEO added to your website will consist of a single word or a phrase which reflects some aspect about your website. SEO’s are priced at $2.99 each and have a set limit of 15 per web page.  

Prices and terms found herein are subject to changes with/without notice.